Nordic Pavilion Selects Kontrapunkt as Official Creative Agency

The Nordic Pavilion is proud to announce the appointment of Kontrapunkt as our official creative agency. Known for their exceptional ability to blend striking Nordic design with compelling narratives, Kontrapunkt will lead the creative vision and execution for all our communication efforts, ensuring a consistent and engaging experience for all our audiences. Kontrapunkt, with its extensive experience working with esteemed Nordic brands such as as Lego, Ørsted, Danish Crown, and Noma brings a profound understanding of our cultural ethos and aesthetic values. Their strong presence in both the Nordic region and Japan, coupled with their expertise in creating beautiful and impactful designs, positions them uniquely to convey the essence of Nordic identity to a global audience.

"We are delighted to collaborate with Kontrapunkt for the Nordic Pavilion. Their proven track record and deep understanding of Nordic values make them the perfect partner for this project," said Lena Abrahamsson, Chief Project Director of Nordic Pavilion. "Together, we will create a cohesive and engaging communication strategy that highlights the creativity and innovation of our region and provides an inviting and memorable experience for all our audiences."

A Partnership Rooted in Cultural Affinity and Design Excellence

Kontrapunkt's dual presence in the Nordic region and Japan allows them to bridge cultural nuances effectively, ensuring that our communication resonates with both local and international audiences. Their approach to design, which emphasizes simplicity, functionality, and beauty, aligns perfectly with the Nordic principles we aim to celebrate and promote. "We are honored to be chosen as the official creative agency for the Nordic Pavilion," said Philip Linnemann, Executive Creative Director & Partner at Kontrapunkt. "This project is a unique opportunity to showcase the best of Nordic design and culture. We are excited to bring our expertise and passion to create an inspiring and welcoming environment for all audiences."

About Kontrapunkt Kontrapunkt is a renowned design and communication agency with a rich history of working with leading Nordic and international brands. With offices in Copenhagen and Tokyo, Kontrapunkt specializes in creating compelling brand identities and experiences that resonate deeply with diverse audiences. Their portfolio includes collaborations with iconic names such as Noma, Lego, Ørsted and Danish Crown, reflecting their commitment to excellence and innovation in design.

About EXPO 2025 Osaka EXPO 2025 Osaka will bring together countries from around the world to explore the theme "Designing Future Society for Our Lives." This global event will showcase innovative solutions, promote international cooperation, and inspire conversations on shaping a sustainable and inclusive future.

Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland have joined forces and participate with a joint Nordic pavilion at EXPO 2025 Osaka, Japan, with the aim of strengthening relations with Japan and Japanese companies. Built by Rimond Architects (I), the Nordic Pavilion is a 1,200 m2, 17 m high wooden structure that illustrates a timeless and sustainable mindset. The pavilion houses a joint Nordic exhibition, a shop, a roof terrace with a café as well as a conference room and meeting facilities.