The Nordics at Expo 2025 Osaka

The Nordic region unites in one pavilion for the World Expo 2025 Osaka, Japan

The World Expo gathers people and innovations from around the world to address global challenges in need of international collaboration. The 2025 Expo, taking place in Osaka, Japan, will feature a joint Nordic pavilion for the Nordic region, showcasing our commitment to trust, sustainability and innovation.

In a joint pavilion at Expo 2025 Osaka, the Nordic countries have joined forces to build on a common ground of trust and sustainability and present the Nordic region to the world. The World Expo takes place every five years with the purpose of letting countries and regions highlight innovations and new technologies. In 2025 it makes a comeback in Osaka for the first time since 1970, this time under the theme “Designing Future Society for Our Lives” with the sub-themes “Connecting Lives”, “Empowering Lives” and “Saving Lives”.

Expo 2025 Osaka gives the Nordic countries and industries the opportunity to connect with the Japanese market in a common effort to reach several of the 17 UN goals for sustainable development. With groundbreaking innovations like the sewing machine and the Eiffel Tower as World Exposition legacies, the Expo in Osaka will carry on the tradition of presenting the solutions of tomorrow. 

The Nordic Pavilion brings together Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden in a collaborative effort to showcase our shared values and forward-thinking solutions. The pavilion structure itself will be a testament to the Nordic connection to nature, which is a cultural value we share with Japan.  

The Nordic countries have a long-standing commitment to trust and sustainability, which are essential pillars for building a better future. The entire Nordic Pavilion is designed, manufactured and installed with the purpose of being reused, bringing the green way of thinking that we apply in the Nordics to the World Expo.

Designed by Italian architect Michele De Lucchi and AMDL Circle, and constructed by the Expo Design-Build Contractor RIMOND, the pavilion will be a 1 200-square-metre, 17-metre tall timber structure that evokes timelessness and sustainable thinking. It will house a Nordic exhibition area as well as a rooftop with a restaurant and a Nordic garden, in addition to other meeting spaces and a business centre. The joint pavilion at Expo 2025 in Osaka is an opportunity for the world to join in on the Nordic model of trust, sustainability and innovation.