Nordic Pavilion Announces Partnership with Logonet for EXPO 2025

The Nordic Pavilion is thrilled to announce its partnership with Logonet, a leading global retail and restaurant solutions provider, for the upcoming EXPO 2025 in Osaka. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden team up to participate with a joint Nordic Pavilion to show the clear synergies in co-operation at EXPO 2025 Osaka.

With a shared commitment to social and environmental responsibility, Logonet will bring its expertise to create two unique concepts – one for the store and one for the restaurant – inspired by the magic of the Nordic region.

Established in Helsinki in 1992, Logonet has been dedicated to providing comprehensive services for over three decades. With offices worldwide and a focus on responsible operation, Logonet ensures its products and services meet the highest ethical standards. The company's commitment to corporate responsibility is exemplified through its continuous development of ethical guidelines.

"It’s a great honour and pleasure to become a shop and restaurant operation for the Nordic Pavilion at Osaka Expo 2025. We had experience serving the Finland Pavilion in Shanghai in 2010 and the Finland and Sweden Pavilions in Dubai in 2021. We look forward to operating in Osaka 2025 and being a proud member of the Nordic team. We promise to give you an exciting experience with Nordic tastes and merchandise. Welcome to see and enjoy.” says Sofie Källström, COO of Logonet.

Inspired by the magical essence of the North, the Nordic Pavilion will offer visitors an immersive journey through Nordic creativity and heritage. "The Nordics is a place of wonder, and we are excited to share its richness with the world at EXPO 2025 Osaka," says Dag Olav Koppervik, Deputy Commissioner General Norway and Nordic Project Director. "Through Logonet's expertise and our shared commitment to sustainability, we are confident that our collaboration will offer an unforgettable experience, combining the best of Nordic design, cuisine, and culture."

"The partnership with Logonet represents a significant step forward for the Nordic Pavilion," comments Lena Abrahamsson, Chief Project Director of the Nordic Pavilion. "Their expertise in retail and restaurant solutions, combined with our dedication to showcasing Nordic excellence, ensures that our presence at EXPO 2025 will be truly remarkable. Our restaurant concept, in particular, will offer an exceptional culinary journey through the Nordic region, highlighting the diversity and innovation of Nordic cuisine."

The shop, developed in partnership with Logonet, will showcase a curated selection of products from all Nordic countries, reflecting our region’s diverse heritage. Visitors can expect to find a range of items, from traditional crafts to modern design pieces. Meanwhile, the restaurant will offer a culinary journey through the Nordic region, showcasing its rich culinary heritage and innovative gastronomy.

EXPO 2025 Osaka promises to be an extraordinary event, and the partnership between the Nordic Pavilion and Logonet will undoubtedly be a highlight, offering visitors a taste of the enchanting world of the Nordics.

For more information about the Nordic Pavilion at EXPO 2025 Osaka, please visit the website or refer to the following press contact.

About Logonet Logonet, founded in Helsinki in 1992, is a global retail and restaurant solutions provider with a commitment to social and environmental responsibility. With offices worldwide and partnerships in China, Thailand, and Bangladesh, Logonet offers comprehensive services while ensuring adherence to ethical guidelines.